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Breakfast Restaurant, Charlotte, NC

Our breakfast restaurant in Charlotte, NC offers an extensive menu with options to please every member of your family.

Breakfast RestaurantWhen is the last time you went to a steakhouse for breakfast? If you think that going to a steakhouse is kind of odd, we’re here to change your mind. At Carolina Prime Steakhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, we have breakfast options available with taste you can STEAK your life on!

It doesn’t matter if your idea of a breakfast restaurant is a quick meal of toast and coffee, or if it includes every breakfast meat known to mankind. We have it all and everything tastes incredible! When you stop and think about it, where else would you want to go for a steak and egg breakfast than a steakhouse? You’ll have lots of choices for your steak too, including rib eye, sirloin, or even filet mignon tips. You usually won’t find this many options at a typical breakfast restaurant.

Even if you fancy something else, such as pancakes, an omelet or some great Belgian waffles, we know we have what you’re craving. We have all the local favorites as well, including livermush. If you are traveling through the area and have a layover, you won’t want to miss this local favorite. Plus, we’re located close to the airport.

We know we have you drooling about now, so head on over and find out why we believe we are the best breakfast restaurant option in the area. We’re confident that you’ll love our breakfast options so much that you’ll want to come back for lunch and dinner!

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