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CateringWhen you’re hosting a big event, one of the best ways to make it a success is by having a local restaurant that offers catering provide the food. However, to ensure that your event runs without any problems, there are a few catering mistakes you absolutely need to avoid.

Mistake #1: When you choose a restaurant to cater your event, you shouldn’t offer your guests only one entrée choice. Rather, you should let them pick from at least two. At Carolina Prime Steakhouse, we have many different entrée options on our catering menu, including Steak Diana, Grilled Tilapia, Roasted Chicken, Prime Rib, Grilled Pork Chops, Cheese Ravioli, and many others.

Mistake #2: Have you ever been to an event where they ran out of food? If you have, you know that you want to avoid a situation like this if at all possible. Fortunately, when you let us cater your event, we’ll work with you to determine how many people are coming and how much food will be needed. We’ll even help you plan for cases where unexpected guests show up.

Mistake #3: One big mistake people make when they host an event is hiring a restaurant to cater without ever tasting the food beforehand. If you haven’t visited our restaurant before, we encourage you to do so before you let us cater your next big event. We’re confident that you’ll love our food, our service, and the way we do things.