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Local SteakhouseIf you are a new resident of the Charlotte, NC area, or if you are just traveling through, you have many options for good, casual dining. But maybe the usual chain sit-down restaurant isn’t going to fit your needs today. Maybe you want the best local steakhouse you can find. For that, it will take a little more work.

To find the best local steakhouse, you can compare Google and other online search results, read reviews, gather intel like a private investigator, or you can choose an easier option.  We believe the easiest and most accurate way to find the best local steakhouse is by following a trusted recommendation.

If you are just traveling through, your hotel or area friends can get you started. Most hotels have a list of recommended restaurants within a short distance. They may even include a map to guide your way. Recommendations are the ideal way to know what to expect, what’s good on the menu, and if the cost is worth it.

The final resource for finding the best local steakhouse is to take our word for it. We believe we are the best local steakhouse for anyone looking for a steak that will keep you craving more. Why? Because we have been in the restaurant business for almost 40 years. We know what it takes to provide exceptional service, steak, and experience. Try us once, and we know you’ll be back.

We are conveniently located near the Charlotte airport. Our family-friendly restaurant serves high-quality meals beginning at 6am and continuing all day long.