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Local Family RestaurantAt Carolina Prime Steakhouse, we’ve been serving guests at our local family restaurant since 1995. Whether you’ve never eaten at our restaurant before or you’re one of our regulars, here are a few reasons why you should eat at our local family restaurant tonight:

  • We have something for everyone—Have you ever been to a restaurant where only one or two people in your family were happy with what was on the menu? When you come to our local family restaurant, we’re confident this won’t happen. On our menu, we have everything from pasta and hand-cut signature steaks to fried chicken tenders and seafood. The best part is that all of our menu items are delicious!
  • We care about customer service—When you go to a restaurant for dinner, it’s not just about the food – it’s about the entire experience. We realize this here at Carolina Prime Steakhouse and will do our best to make sure your dining experience with us is one to remember.
  • Our atmosphere is family-friendly—We love it when families, big and small, visit us at our local family restaurant. We’ve worked hard to create a restaurant where families can sit back and relax, spend some time with the people they love, and not have to worry about doing the dishes at the end of the night. The minute you walk through our front doors, you’ll notice that our atmosphere was created with families in mind.