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Local Steakhouse, Matthews, NC

If you’re in the Matthews, NC area, come by and give our local steakhouse a chance—you won’t be disappointed!

Local SteakhouseHave you ever gone to a local steakhouse in the Matthews, NC area that you loved one time and found it to be completely disappointing another time? Or had a great experience and referred friends or family, but then they said their experience was something less than they had hoped it would be? Often that situation is caused by high employee turnover and poor management. You will never experience that with us at Carolina Prime Steakhouse.

We have many of the same employees, even our chef, who we hired when we opened in September of 2005. We had 30 years of restaurant experience when we started, so we knew what it took to not just make guests happy, but the staff as well. We care about them and you, and clearly that shows in everything we do.

It would be hard to find a local steakhouse that is family owned and operated to the high standards our restaurant is, and we even manage to do it without chasing off the staff. In fact, we make it a high priority to make sure they are glad to work for us. You benefit because it is nice to see familiar faces, and you can be assured of the same quality each and every time you visit. This makes you comfortable to recommend our local steakhouse to others.

We know that in today’s age, it is important that a dining experience at a local steakhouse be exceptional. If it wasn’t, you’d toss a steak on the grill at home. We offer the highest quality and freshest ingredients, craft meals that are succulent and tasty, and exceptional service. Come by and give our local steakhouse a chance. We are confident that you will agree that we do it all perfectly, and that everything you get here has a taste you can “steak” your life on . . . every single time you come.

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